Downingtown West Post Prom Party 2017
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About the Post Prom Party

    2017 is the 14th year that West parents and volunteers will host a Post Prom Party for the West seniors. We are excited about this event and are pleased to be able to provide it to the class of 2017 seniors. Please see below for some frequently asked questions.  


  • Who can attend the post prom?  Seniors from DHSW and one invited guest. 
  • Do I need to attend the Prom to go to the Post Prom Party? No!
  • Is it a lock-in?  No - Parents may give permission prior to the event to allow early exit. Parents will be called when their children are released.
  • Do I have to be present to win?  Yes.
  • Do I have to pay to attend? No!  Thanks to the generosity of parents and businesses the entire event is FREE.
  • What are the start and end times? Students can begin arriving at midnight or as soon as the prom ends .  All students must arrive by 1:30 am.  The night will end with prizes and breakfast around 5:00am.
  • What should I wear?  Wear comfortable clothing, jeans, shorts, sweats, sneakers, flip-flops.
  • Why do I have to register? So that there will be enough food, prizes, and activities for everyone.  
  • Where is the post prom being held?  TBD.
  • What will the activities be? We are in the process of planning activities for 2017 and will update as soon as we can. To see activities from our 2016 and prior years Post Prom Party please click here.





June 2nd, 2017
12 midnight to 5 AM

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