Downingtown West Post Prom Party 2017
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2016 Post Prom Party Committee Leads

Event Lead  - Jen McGovern  -- 610-380-1438 (home);484-885-6705 (cell)

Publicity --

Activities & Entertainment -- 

Artistic Director --

Food -

Fundraising -

Prizes --

Registration -

Treasurer - Heidi Walker - 610-316-0582

Volunteer Coordination --

H&S Contacts - Eleanore Meals - 610-574-0584


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Jen McGovern  -

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Activities/Entertainment Chair:
Decides and hires entertainment for the event. Rents inflatables, creates contests and organizes games. Decides on awards and prizes to winning teams. Works with decorating committee to allocate the floor space to be used.

Advertising/Publicity Chair :
Works with local papers to obtain coverage of post prom related activities. Works with Daily Local News to create “Thank You” ad donated by paper which appears the Sunday following the prom. Works with vendors and Designers to create 10ft x 2ft colored vinyl banner for event and other banners as needed. Come up with other ideas on how to advertise ie: Set up table in the café during lunches to advertise post prom. Work with school new paper. Facebook.

Artistic Director

Works with committee to choose a theme for the Post Prom Party. Designs floor plan to fit event location layout. Works with other schools to borrow decorations. Gives out projects to individuals to do at home as needed. Makes and installs the lobby prop before the spring play. Manage setup of decorations at the event. Work with NHS or other school groups, to get students to help on projects as needed.

Event Chairperson and Co-Chair:
Organizes entire event. Works with all committees.

Food Chair:
Decides on menu. Works with previous donor vendors to obtain food donations. Food served continuous from midnight – 4:30am. Purchases paper supplies/table cloths as needed. Staffs the area throughout the evening to keep food warm and fresh.

Fundraising Chair:
Responsible for mailing donation request letters to previous donating businesses and following up on donations by phone/e-mail. Come up with a list of new donors that we have not approached yet. Good knowledge of mail merge and excel needed.
Coordinate the phone-a-thons (about 1 every 2 weeks) to solicit donations from parents. (If we have been given permission to make calls from the main office in the evenings.) In the past NHS students have been willing to help, with a parent to supervise the group. Creates script used by students on the phone. Follow up to parents who have pledged but forgotten to send money in. Works with office to include donation request forms when school mailings home are sent out.

Prize Committee Chair:
Purchases prizes at the lowest possible prices utilizing shopping sales and coupons. Contacts stores and restaurants to obtain prizes/discounts. Mail letters/e-mails asking for donation follow-ups. Puts prize baskets together, labels and arranges set up of prize room the night of P3. Works with Volunteer Coordinator to arrange for chaperones to supervise prize room and draw prizes. Contacts colleges popular with West students and ask them to donate school merchandise to be used in prize baskets. Obtains donations through phone calls, e-mails or letter. Turns anything received in to the prize committee chair.

Registration Chair:
Revises and creates registration packets, makes them available in the lobby mid April, replenish as needed. Prepares spreadsheet to keep track of seniors and their guests as they sign up. Checks in seniors and their guests on prom night, distribute prize tickets during check in.

Processes all donation checks received from parents/community businesses, deposits checks in bank. Creates reports for committee chairs as needed, updates Chair/Co-Chair of financial situation as needed. Works with Event Chair to apply for Grant. Good knowledge of excel needed.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Works with activities, decorating and registration chairs, organizes set up, chaperoning and clean up. Will receive names of parents who have completed the volunteer/donation form. Will call parents to schedule work as needed. Most of work is done in the last couple of week as we get closer to the event. Assigns Coordinators as follows:




June 2nd, 2017
12 midnight to 5 AM

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